Close relatives

Philippa Seilern    1948 - 2018


Philippa Seilern was my first cousin, the only child of Joseph S. (Uncle Mani, Paps’ younger half-brother).

impressions82A few months before she died in January 2018, she was visited in her Monte Carlo apartment by an executive of the Liechtenstein fiduciary responsible for her estate which consisted of two properties and an investment portfolio.

And when she died, her assets simply disappeared.

Ownership always ends up somewhere and that somewhere was nowhere to be found:

neither her charities nor her direct family received anything.

Most disturbing was that her devoted staff, part of the family for over 30 years, were summarily dismissed without proper consideration or support.

Further investigation revealed that Philippa had taken the necessary steps to properly accommodate her staff, however in the 4 years since her death, her MC housekeeper has been living destitute on less than €10 a day.

The full report of this unfolding and sad event can be found under



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This story is equally important, if only to explain how dangerous Liechtenstein foundations can be when not completely understood.

Setting up a foundation requires third-party independent advice, not that provided by friends, family or the responsible fiduciary.




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