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Maya Mayr-Melnhof        1927 - 2010

Aunt Henriette's eldest daughter Maya was a special person in many ways.  She lived in a world which no longer exists.  For her everything was kindness and compassion.  Especially the empathy she showed towards all the people she met.




The words spoken at her funeral by her son Georg tell a wonderful story:


Funeral speech by her son Georg Mayr Melnhof

Venerable, dear Archbishop, distinguished friends in the priestly & diaconal ministry,

Dear Father, dear siblings, sisters-in-law,

Dear grandchildren and great-grandchildren with your families,

Distinguished representatives of the various Christian churches, public life, various associations and delegations. Dear bereaved family - and please feel all included, even those whom I have not welcomed by name now.

Dear Mr. Archbishop, after you have already said so much about the life of the mother in your homily, I allow myself to illuminate 2 aspects, 2 very impressive sides of her life a little more intensively.

For one thing, she was a MOTHER! She was a real MOTHER. She was a mother not only by paper, title or profession, but she was a mother to the deepest fiber of her heart and her whole life. This was her original calling, her great charism and all her fulfilment.

She was MOTHER in all beautiful hours and in all difficult moments of life. MOTHER first for us 10 children. TEN CHILDREN!!!!! I have to emphasize this because I am the ninth and appreciate it so much that I am allowed to live at all. TEN children.

This fact alone gives us an idea of their total devotion and holiness. Mami was given the gift of always being there, always having an open ear and heart, a word of comfort, encouragement and also the Corectio - if necessary - was always on her lips.

She knew EVERYTHING, really EVERYTHING, concerning her children. The sources from which she got her information could often not be determined, it was often a bit scary that she called deepest matters of the heart by name and addressed them before you were aware of it.

No lovesickness, no small sheet metal damage, no fiver at school (and there were more than plenty of them with all my siblings and me), nothing, absolutely nothing remained hidden from her - why? Because she was a MOTHER!

No birthday, names day, wedding anniversary, no Nikolo, Easter bunny or Christmas passed without the first call in the morning from Mami, a package with a card with very special lines followed in the hours after.

This is perhaps what we will miss the most.......

Mami's desk was the actual command center here in Glanegg. On the outside quite inconspicuous, on the inside but very effective. Each of us knew that if you wanted something, whether unexciting or important, you first had to win the Mami for yourself and your idea. Everything else took care of itself. A short time later you could hear from the mouth of our father: "Mami and I have decided ...... "

She was always the one who pulled the strings in the background, weighed everything, considered, prayed, and then coordinated with Daddy. In her great modesty, she always preferred 2nd place to the first.

Mami was not a woman for flashlights, press or television. Her place where she was truly at home was the hearts of her children, her family and countless people she was committed to.

An encounter with Mami was often an unforgettable experience for many people. She had a very special charism and a gift given to her by God.

Her big mother's heart was not too small for anyone: daddy, children, company and her countless commitments.

If a child was born, Mami was the first to arrive. If someone had an accident or illness, Mami was always among the first to appear at the bedside, contact the doctors, negotiate, and get involved. When someone came to an end, Mami sat by his/her side, comforted the mourners, and rejoiced with the happy ones.

What kind of fascinating woman are we burying today?

I would like to briefly highlight another side:

She was a woman at Jesus' side - she IS a woman at Jesus' side. Her deep faith and fascinating spirituality were the source of her life and work.

The Mother lived from the Eucharist and from the sacraments of the Church, she lived from the liturgy, from the praise especially of the Eastern Church and from the Word of God.

Deeply impressive was her love for Christ crucified. She often told me: George, carrying the cross alone is not enough, we must also embrace it.

The mother herself, when she cobbled together her death picture, chose on the back under the depicted relic monstrance the saying: God blesses our actions, but he always blesses through the cross.

Many of you know that Mami's heartbeat very, very loudly for the Eastern Church. Her many travels, at her side dear Archbishop, at the side of her predecessor or at the side of Cardinal Christoph were certainly among the highlights of her life.

Her great heartfelt and prayer concern - unity within the Christian churches, unity in the whole body of Christ, she may now carry directly from the throne of the Father. Our chapel here in Glanegg was one of the favorite places for Mami. Very often they were found here, in silence, in prayer, in contemplation.

Her whole heart was focused on Christ and on eternal life.

When Mami got the conclusion exactly 3 months ago that her time here on earth is very foreseeable, she said to me: Georg, what a great grace! At first I thought I had misunderstood her, but again she explained to me with a very happy heart that she felt it was a great grace to receive a hint on the horizon of her so fulfilled and beautiful, long life, that the time of preparation for the last, the most important journey has begun.

And so Mami began to prepare everything: herself, Daddy, us children and many of you.

This day, her own death picture, the laying out in the chapel - she has thought through everything down to the last detail, but with her typical modesty.

She did not dare to think that she would rather preside over this celebration, she did not suspect how many priests would be present today, she would never have thought that the whole Maierhof would be full this day.

The last days and hours with Mami were unforgettable and deeply impressive for all who were allowed to be there. Her room was filled with praise, prayer and heavenly peace. On Sunday, August l at 3.30 in the morning, Mami had her last breath, and her soul was born into the glory of God.

It was the hour of the Lord's resurrection, on the first day of the week, early in the morning.

It was the first day of August. The month in which we commemorate the Assumption of Mary.

Could you have chosen a nicer date?

Dear mourning community, dear friends: I conclude with a request on behalf of the mother:

In her letter to us children - she must have written it 2 weeks ago - she asks us to pray fervently for her soul. She asks us to have Holy Masses read for her. I address this request to all of you - if you want to say thank you to Mami, go home to your home parish and have a Holy Mass said for her. This is the most valuable and effective gift that each of you can give to our mother in this hour.

And do not hesitate to involve and call Mami in your concerns with the request for her intercession.

Many of us may believe that a saint is someone who has lived completely unattainable, unapproachable, and detached in other spheres at some point. But it is certainly not like that. I am sure that in our midst too there are holy men and women who follow the Lord with undivided hearts and passionate love.

Marni was certainly a woman whose whole life was 100% Christ-centered. If we look today at the fruits of the tree, at the fruits of their lives, I would like to say with a saying by Bishop Manfred Scheuer, this was the end of his sermon on Mom's 80th birthday: When I look at her whole life, then I have to say: Behind you it blooms very enormously.

By the fruits you can recognize the tree, says Jesus.

On April 8, 2005, I was allowed to attend the funeral of Pope John Paul II in Rome in St. Peter's Square. One of the most moving moments for me was the moment at the end of Holy Mass, when more and more people began to roll out banners with the inscription:

Santo Subito! May he be canonized quickly.

Don't worry, I'm not going to roll out a banner with this inscription, but I would like to conclude by saying to you: there was an impressive woman, a mother, a disciple of Jesus, perhaps a saint living in our midst.

Dear Mr. Archbishop, if in the coming weeks and months more and more prayers arrive at the grave of my Mother, signs and wonders can be observed, then I will contact you again.

May her beautiful soul enjoy the immeasurable joys of heaven NOW.



a beautiful speech




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